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Ends November 13, 2017.

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The men-ü Shave Facial Essentials kit has everything you need to put an end to bad, patchy shaves and leave men with healthy, smooth skin – every time.

The set contains the PRO BLACK Shaving Brush, the man-made bristles offering improved hygiene and crème distribution compared to badger hair brushes that absorb more product.

The men-ü Healthy Facial Wash, Matt ‘Skin Refresh’ Gel, and Facial Moisturiser Lift, cleanse, tone and moisturise to complete the shaving process.


When a man shaves, the process of the razor passing over the skin is great exfoliation, removing up to two layers of dead skin cells. A man should shave after warming the skin when the pores are open. It is the combination of open pores, loose dead skin cells, as well as the dirty shave crème and loose hair that blocks the pores causing spots and breakouts. Selecting the right shave crème with the right active ingredients that are going to make a difference is imperative. men-ü shave crème contains an ingredient called dimethacone which offers the greatest degree of slip, allowing the razor to glide over the skin causing the least amount of irritation.

Deep cleanse
Following this exfoliation process the skin then needs to be deep cleansed. men-ü Heathy Facial Wash’ main ingredients are tea tree oil and witch hazel. Combined these act as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-septic and an anti-bacterial, addressing all the issues associated with post shave skin. Most importantly these ingredients ensure pores have a deep cleanse following exfoliation. Close the pores after deep cleansing by using cold water.

Men have more active sebaceous glands than women, which means more oil is secreted onto the skin. This leaves men with oilier skin, great for keeping wrinkles at bay but it also blocks the pores. Natural salicylic acid helps to remove the layer of oil, leaving the skin a matt finish whilst toning and tightening. This adds a layer of protection from the many elements and activities as well as preparing the skin for the next shave.

Moisture loss needs to be replenished on a regular basis. Choosing the right moisturiser helps to maintain the matt, talcum powder feel the skin thrives on.

We have 2 kits to give away.


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